Hotels Sector


Louis Hotels was established in the early 1940’s as part of Louis Tourist Agency and assumed a leading role in the tourism industry in both Cyprus and Greece.

It all started when the late Louis Loizou purchased the “SEMMERING” Hotel  and later the “Grand Hotel” in the Cyprus Mountains. He then purchased "Louis Hotel" at Ledra Street in Nicosia. In 1969, the luxurious "Ledra Palace" hotel, a landmark of Nicosia, was acquired.

In the years that ensued, major developments took place whereby the Company expanded its activities in the Greek market. It first started by managing the "Creta Paradise Beach Resort" Hotel in Chania - Crete, in 1992. in 1994, Louis Hotels acquired "Louis Grand" Hotel in Corfu as well as the "Louis Creta Princess" Hotel in Chania. In 1998, it acquired the "Louis Plagos Beach" Hotel in Zakynthos. In 1999 and 2000, the Company added four hotels to its chain, namely one hotel in Zakynthos, two hotels in Corfu and one hotel in Mykonos.

Louis Hotels is presently managing 23, 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts units in both Cyprus and Greece.

With experience stemming from its successful presence in the fast-growing markets of Cyprus and Greece, Louis Hotels prides itself on contributing towards upgrading the quality of the tourist product in both countries. For the last 26 years, Louis Hotels has been active in operating large-scale units and has invested significant amounts in high standard hotels, thus contributing towards improving the image of Greece and Cyprus as high-quality holiday destinations and maintaining their competitive advantage.

In 2002, an agreement was signed with Hilton International for the management of the Hilton Park Hotel, in Nicosia (now Hilton Nicosia) thus, significantly strengthening its position in city hotels, by offering upgraded services and facilities for business meetings and conferences.

In recent years, by using its vast know-how, its highly skilled workforce and its impeccable relationships with tour operators, Louis Hotels is engaged in taking over the management of new units.

Four new hotels have been launched from 2016-2019 under the Louis Hotels brand and a new one will commence its operations in 2021 in Nicosia.


The 18 hotels operated by Louis Hotels Public Company Ltd in Cyprus are the following:


1. Hilton Nicosia (194 Rooms), Nicosia
2. The Royal Apollonia (204 Rooms), Limassol
3. Louis Imperial Beach (239 Rooms), Paphos
4. The King Jason (125 Rooms), Paphos
5. Louis Ledra Beach (269 Rooms), Paphos
6. Louis Phaethon Beach (422 Rooms), Paphos
7. Louis Paphos Breeze (144 Rooms), Paphos
8. Louis Ivi Mare (148 Rooms), Paphos
9. TUI BLUE Nausicaa Beach (196 Rooms), Protaras
10. Louis Althea Beach (150 Rooms), Protaras
11. Louis Althea Kalamies Luxury Villas (18 Rooms), Protaras

12. Louis Nausicaa Luxury Villas (2 rooms) Protaras.
13. Louis St Elias Resort & Waterpark (152 Rooms), Protaras
14. Louis Infinity Blu (50 Rooms), Protaras
15. The King Jason (88 Rooms), Protaras
16. Louis Villas (61 Rooms), Protaras
17. Polis 1907 (6 Suites), Polis Chrysochous
18. Sofianna Resort and Spa (171 rooms), Paphos


The 5 hotels operated by Louis Hotels S.A. in Greece are the following:

1. TUI BLUE Kerkyra Golf (240 Rooms), Corfu
2. PrimaSol Louis Ioanian Sun (213 Rooms), Corfu
3. Mykonos Theoxenia (52 Rooms), Mykonos
4. Amada Colossos Ultra All Inclusive Resort (699 Rooms), Rhodes

5. Asterion Suites & Spa (67 Rooms) Crete

Cruising Sector

Louis plc launched its own cruising operations in 1986, even though it had been involved in the representation of passenger vessels and cruise ships in the past.
The period between 1989 and 2001 was a period of rapid growth for the cruise sector. During this time, the company acquired in total 10 ships. In 1996, it chartered its first vessel to Thomson Cruises, which is owned by TUI, the world's largest tour operator. Since then, our cruise company maintained an excellent and long-lasting partnership with TUI during different periods of time with a number of its cruise ships.
Following the growing trend in the cruise sector, Louis plc creates in 2014 a new brand, “Celestyal Cruises” and sails to new destinations offering cruises to visitors from the USA, Canada, China, France, Germany, Turkey etc.
Celestyal Cruise ships are constantly being refurbished and upgraded in order to maintain the quality of the services they offer. At the same time, the Company follows a program of renewal of its fleet by adding new units and selling, where possible, older ones. Ship management in both the technical and hotel sectors is carried out by the Company itself whose know-how covers the whole range of cruise ship management.


The 3 cruise ships belonging to Celestyal Cruises are the following:


1. Celestyal Crystal

2. Celestyal Olympia

3. Celestyal Experience


About Celestyal Cruises


Celestyal Cruises is the only Greek cruise company operating cruises out of Greek ports, mainly to the Greek islands and the Eastern Mediterranean. The focal point of the company's philosophy is the "destination", while each cruise focuses on the culture of the places it visits, offering authentic experiences both onboard and onshore.




In 2019, we received the following awards:

International Awards
1. Med Cruise Αward “Cruise Line with the Greatest Commitment to the East Med Region’’ -
2. Cruise Critic – Best Cruise Line for Service
3. Solo Travel Awards – USA

Greece Tourism Awards
1.Gold award in the categories «Πρωτοβουλίες επιμήκυνσης τουριστικής περιόδου» και «Fam & press trips»,
2. Silver award for «Τουριστική ανάπτυξη/ Συνεισφορά στην τοπική ή εθνική οικονομία». Treasures of Greek Tourism – Συνεισφορά στην τοπική ανάπτυξη.


Social Responsibility


Celestyal Cruises is fully committed to its sustainable development and ethical business practices. The company supports the local communities in the destinations it visits, particularly in the field of education. From 2015, more than 1,200 students in the islands of Milos, Patmos and Ios enjoyed a "journey to knowledge" by attending special educational programs – a program initiated by Celestyal Cruises. In addition, Celestyal Cruises supports various NGOs and promotes youth entrepreneurship as well as the advancement of students in maritime academies.


ISO certification


Our cruise ship management, including technical, hotel and crew as well as the Celestyal Cruises onshore staff, are certified according to ISO 9001/14001 standards. DNV-GL, which is our audit authority, is widely considered as the largest and most recognized shipping evaluation company.

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